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July 23, 2007


Modus tollens

problem: your "substitutes for experience" are not limited to artificial flies, but a more common substitution of using inductive reasoning to justify induction itself. Just because the "talk of utopia is thick" doesn't lend it any credibility, especially in the purview of other speculative analysis--one could use such logics to conflate and found the preemptive strategies of the War on Terror with the activation of anti-global warming initiatives. As such, it is a circular argument. Hume dealt with this problem of reasoning already—and in relation to the future actually—in An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, §§4.1 §§4.2. Bertrand Russell again famously reproved this in Chapter VI of Problems of Philosophy. I do like the cut of your jib, but at present it merely rhetorical. If you proceed down this line, you need to group all fictive ideas of the future and set those against other forms of verifiability--but like I said, the structure of this has already been looked into.

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